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Currently owner of my residence located near Grenoble,
and taking in account the localization of the job of my wife,
I am listening of opportunities on the Grenoble area.
Please do not contact me for proposal outside Rhone-Alps (France) area .


Laurent FLAUM
Birthday : September, 26 1967
Married, 2 childs
Military service done
Car driving License





ECAM Lyon Engineer Graduate June 30, 1990
ESE (SUPELEC) Engineer Graduate July 10, 1992



Electronics, Automation, Electrotechnology, Accounting



Languages : ADA, Assemblers, Basic, C, C#, C++, CLOS, Fortran, Foxpro, Lisp, Pascal, PRO C, Prolog, SQL, UML, Views, Visual Basic, XAML
Databases: Access, Clipper, Dbase, Foxpro, Oracle, SQL Server, Watcom.
Systems : CP/M, MSDOS, NOVELL, OS/2, PICAXE, UNIX, VMS, WINDOWS 3.x, WINDOWS 95, 98, NT(3.51 and 4 server and station), 2000 (server and pro), XP, 2003 server, Vista, Windows 7 and 8
SAP: Access, Crystal Reports.
Network: TCP/IP, RS232, OPC (Ole for Process Control), OLE, COM, WCF.



French: native tongue
English: current; TOEIC(Commercial English) in September 25, 1989 (720 pts)
German: read, translated



RSI in Meylan (France, Grenoble suburb) since February 2000

Project management and development of oil process analysis and simulation applications for the "Institut Français du Pétrole" company.
Languages : Visual C++, Ilog Views, SQL and Oracle on WINDOWS 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP PC compatible computers.

Project management and integration of simulators to the Foxboro control platforms on SUN under Unix for the SINCOR company (Venezuela).

Participation in the development of refinery process book generation software for the Axens company (IFP Group Technologies).
Languages : Visual Basic, Access, SQL and Autocad (R14, 2000, 2002) on WINDOWS NT PC compatible computer.

Participation in the development of "Indiss" simulation software. Simulation of the Honeywell TDC 3000 platform.
Languages : Visual C++ 1998 to 1993 on Windows NT, 2000 and XP PC compatible computers. RS232 communication.

Development of a "COM" component allowing to convert measuring unit systems "to the flight".
Languages : UML modelisation; Visual C++ on Windows 2000 and XP PC compatible computers.

Project management and development of "IndissPlus" simulation platform in coordination with the IFP company.
Languages : Visual C++ 2005 to 2012, Visual C# 2008 to 2012, Visual Studio 2005 to 2012, XAML on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 PC compatible computers.

Development of interfaces between "Indiss" and "IndissPlus" simulation platform and customers DCS (Distributed Control Systems).
Languages: Visual C++ 1998 to 2012, Visual C# 2008 to 2012, Visual Studio 1998 to 2012, using OPC (Ole for Process Control), OLE, COM and WCFprotocols and proprietary (eg ABB 800xA) interfaces on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 PC compatible computers.

Management of the machines and administration of the network (50 Windows NT4, 2000 Pro, XP Vista and Windows 7 workstations, 1 Windows 2000 server, 1 Windows NT4 server, 2 Windows 2003 servers, TCPIP, Netbios and IPX protocols).

Current English practice

ITRON S.A. in Vienne (France) (American Company) December 1993 - February 2000

Development of meter reading applications via a low power radio network (433 MHz, 10 mW)
1rst version in C, Clipper and Foxpro language on MSDOS PC compatible computer.
2nd version in Visual C++, Watcom SQL, Access, and Visual Basic (3 and 5) language on WINDOWS 3.x, 95, 98 and NT (3.51 and 4) PC compatible computer and use of Crystal Reports for the reports.

Project management for customer who ordered specifics developments (AQUAMETRO, EDF, Electricité de Strasbourg, Gaz de Bordeaux, ...) : specifications, development co-ordination (1 or 2 persons depending of the project), validation and deliver to the customer.

Management of the NOVELL 3.12 network (50 stations, 2 servers, IPX protocol) during 2 years and of the NT 4 network (15 stations, 1 server connected to the two Novell servers, IPX ans TCP IP protocols) during one year.

Daily English practice.



SACTI company in Vénissieux (Rhône France) June-August 1989
Realisation of a production management application in Fortran language on MicroVAX 2000 (VMS)
SACTI company in Vénissieux (Rhône France) March-July 1990
Beginning of the development of a production management program under ORACLE with SQL and C languages
Military Service S.T.A.T Versailles (France) September 1992-August 1993
Job: Assistance, Developments (in Pascal, C, C++) and Computer Formation ("Scientifique du contingent")



Development of a mathematics software in Pascal, C languages under MSDOS and in Visual C++ language under Windows 95, 98 and NT, XP, Vista and Windows (The Windows version can be downloaded on the Web site or on this site).
Use of 6800 and PICAXE microcontrollers.
Conception of Electronic systems such as alarms, video tools, ...
Installation of alarm systems (Aritech, Telem, ...) and realization of adaptations cards
Development of Web Sites (,,, this one, ...)
PC and Mac remote maintenance using LogMeIn (Windows 2000 to Windows 8, Mac OS).



Volunteer syndic of the "Tonnelles Immeubles" condominium at Le Versoud december 2003-january 2007
Chairman of union of the "Tonnelles Immeubles" condominium since january 2007
Treasurer of the "Echo des Parents" association of school parents at Le Versoud september 2011-september 2014



Photo, travelling, ... You can see photos of my different trips on this Web site.




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Don't hesitate to contact me in order to get the access to the version of my resume containing postal address and phone number and to my motivation letter.